Flora Capital Co., Ltd., established in 2010 

Flora Capital Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is a professional exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables based in Thailand. We offer premium quality products worldwide under the brand of Namdhari's.

Our head office is located in Pathumthani, Thailand, with another branch office in Ratchburi. We operate five packhouse units with ten differently-sized cold storage facilities, totaling a capacity of 500 tons. Our custom temperature control systems meet the produce requirements while preserving freshness.

We enjoy a steady increase in orders, which is directly related to sustaining a stable price throughout the year and maintaining strict quality control to meet international standards. Flora Capital is proud to be GMP and HACCP certified and works with Global Gap-certified farmers. In 2022, we successfully achieved the SMETA social compliance certificate. Due to our continuous growth, our packhouses now employ over 300 employees.

At Flora Capital, we spare no effort in meeting the requirements to sustain the freshness of our produce. We ensure a cold chain system from the farm to the cargo unit, aiming to extend the shelf life of our products. Additionally, we own a fleet of 15 temperature-controlled trucks for delivering fresh, nutritious, and premium quality produce. Proper handling and preservation techniques are key to slowing down the decay process of perishable agricultural products. We understand that consumers want fresh food and seek assurance that their ingredients have been handled properly and with care.



All of Flora Capitals products are sourced directly from farms and delivered daily to the packhouse via temperature-controlled trucks.


In order to maintain the Cool-chain,

we deliver the produce in temperature-controlled, cold-storage trucks, which aid in preserving the freshness of the produce and preventing any potential damage.


Products are sourced directly from

certified farms that pay close attention to every step of the process

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